an image I have noticed a disturbing abundance of spelling and grammar errors on web sites and blogs I have visited, as well as in articles, press releases, eBooks and even print books I have read. Such mistakes can have a negative impact on the credibility of the writer, business owner or blogger.

Fair or not, these things can and do hurt your business. How many times have you visited a site or picked up a book to read and had the errors make you shake your head and leave the site or put the book down?

When your livelihood depends upon the use of words, the difference between the right word and the almost right word could mean the difference between success and failure. Don't let this happen to you. Please take a few moments to discover how I can help you improve your online presence with my specialty; proofreading & editing.

Even best selling authors make mistakes in spelling and grammar, and no matter how many times they may proofread their writing it usually takes a fresh pair of eyes to catch their mistakes. I can be your fresh pair of eyes.

Don't take time away from preparations for the launch of your website, blog or book by spending it editing your material. Leave the editing to me and you can be sure that your written material will be ready to go when you need it.

Let me set up and maintain your social networks so you'll have more time for the FUN of actually interacting with compatible and like-minded people. I will set up accounts, schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & your other social media sites, help with profiles and much more.

Save time AND money! Proofreading, Editing, Social Networking Assistance, Help Desk Assistance, Submitting Blogs & Articles to directories and more can be retained weekly or monthly.

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Client Testimonial

"top notch proofreading and editing..."
"Jan Tallent provides superior results at breakneck speed - top notch proofreading and editing and the fastest turnaround time imaginable ..."

Company Highlights

June, 1998

After holding several office jobs and having been a Kelly Girl temp for years, I left the work force to stay home and raise my 3 children.
In 1997, I went to Rolla Technical Institute to update my rusty office skills and learn how to use computers.

I fell in love with computers and the wonderful Internet world so decided to use those updated skills and my love of office work to start a home based office services business so I could be at home with my kids.

Now, coming up on 18 years of working online, I still love what I do!

Contact Information
Jan Tallent
Tallent Agency
St. Louis County, MO
Phone: (636)-451-6457
Email: jantallent@gmail.com
Twitter: @jantallent

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